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  • Texas Longhorn CD by Phil Wilson Photos: 54

  • Skinning & Mounting a Squirrel by John David Ellzey This renowned squirrel artist demostrates skinning and mounting in this in-depth book. With the help of color photos, this book is an easy to follow instruction manual for squirrel taxidermy.

  • Record Book for General Taxidermy Work These record books feature easy tear-away pages. Keep track of your clients and their mounting information. A great way to keep information organized.

  • Forest Cats of North America A beautiful tribute to the wild cats that roam the continent with capitvating photographs of cougars, lynx and bobcats. Includes informative and entertaining text. Soft cover, 128 pages.

  • Record Book for Migratory Birds These record books feature easy tear-away pages. Keep track of your clients and their mounting information. A great way to keep information organized

  • Animals in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge Over 4,000 photos in series. Stopped action of lions, deer, kangaroo and more. Hard cover, 416 pages.

  • How to Photograph Animals in the Wild A wonderful reference tool for a wide array of animals. Includes photos of bear, deer, elk, caribou, buffalo, wolves and many more large and small mammals. Soft cover, over 100 color photos, 132 pages.

  • An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists by E. Ellenberger, et al Muscles, skeletons and surface features of horses, dogs, cats, lions, deer, cattle and more. Soft cover, 228 illustrations, 151 ffs.

  • Hunt 'Em, Catch 'Em & Cook 'Em by Paul Provenzano If you love hunting and fishing, then this book is for you. Covers waterfowl hunting, cleaning and cooking, and that's just the beginning. Paul has made this book a "One of a Kind." Soft cover.

  • Tumbler Plans from Deer Creek The two drum tumbler, built according to these plans, will provide excellent results for taxidermy use. Every effort has been made to make these instructions as simple as possible. You can build your own tumbler for less than 1/3 the cost of buying one. 26 page manual.

  • Home Book of Taxidermy & Tanning by Gerald J. Grantz All the tips and techniques of a successful mail-order course right in your own home. Learn the secrets of a taxidermy professional. Soft cover, 158 pages.

  • Complete Book of Tanning Skins & Furs by James Churchill A complete guide to preserving animal skins, with simple instruction you can refere to again and again for years of future use and enjoyment. Hard cover.

  • Complete Home Taxidermy This second edition book has all the new and updated information a taxidermist could want. Features nearly 350 photos and drawings that show close up detail and step-by-step procedures. Hard cover.

  • Mountain Royalty by Doug Lindstrand A complete guide of simple instruction you can refer to again and again in preserving animal skins for your of future use and enjoyment. Hard Cover.