Taxidermy Tools

  • Optisight Visor with 3X, 4X and 5X power lenses

  • Optivisor Replacement Lens for the S-OP9,    3 1/2" x 4"

  • Optivisor Replacement Lens for the S-OP7,    2" x 10"

  • Optivisor Replacement Lens for the S-OP5 1 3/4" x 14"

  • Optivisor Replacement Lens for the S-OP1 1 1/2" x 20"

  • OptiSIGHT 7X power lens, works with the S-OP12

  • Decorative Braid - Pheasant Tan - 1/2" Wide Use for horn mounts. This makes for a great finishing touch and is sure to please your toughest customer.

  • AWL

    This awl is great for a number of uses including marking hides.

  • This tack remover is designed for delicate jobs such as pinning in detailed areas around nose, eyes and lips.

  • Loose Leg Straight Calipers These highly accurate calipers have pointed tips for marking and accurate measurements. In addition, they are able to lock into place for transfering measurements from one location to another. 8 inches long.

  • Allows firm, non-slip gripping power for stretching stubborn flat hides, bear rugs etc.

  • The finest ear openers available. Reverse opening pliers to detach cartilage from the back side of the ear skin. Great for those long deep ears that are most difficult to turn by hand. Cast from high grade aluminum, so they won't ever rust. Now available in two sizes! Use the large for big game. Use the small for smaller animals or take it with you in your pack.

  • 1/2" Thick Foam Pad This foam pad is what you want to use on the back of your rugs. Gives you that extra loft and makes the rug look full. Can either be sewn or hot glued onto the hide. Sold by the running yard.

  • 4 Ounce Bottle of Honing Oil (Stone Cleaning Agent) A specially formulated, non-petroleum, highly refined oil for cleaning your sharpening stones. Special agent that helps to inhibit rust and corrosion. For use on all sharpening stones as well as on diamond stones.

  • 10" X 12" Poly Specimen Storage Bags Made of 2 mil. poly. Quick and easy to use. Great for storing specimens in freezer. Sold per 100.

  • 18" X 24" Poly Specimen Storage Bags Made of 2 mil. poly. Quick and easy to use. Great for storing specimens in freezer. Sold per 100.

  • Horn Plate Screws - 2" long - One dozen Heavy-duty Phillips head screws for using on those thick, heavy antlers to attach to the head block of the mannikin. When the light duty drywall screws aren't enough, put these screws to work and you'll be pleased.

  • These fiskars scisscors are perfect for skinning, defatting and preparing birds. Also an invaluable tool when prepping noses, eyes and tear ducts.

  • Paper Wheel Sharpening System & Replacement Grit Pack Useful for putting a fine edge on your cutting tools unlike grinders that could damage your cutting blades. Saves hours by allowing you to sharpen your knives, scissors, scalpels etc. to a razor's edge in just minutes. System comtains wax, rouge, 8" grit and 8" buffing wheel. Replacement pack available with wax, rouge and grit. Paper wheel fits 1/2" arbor.

  • This Klay Gun works great with S-250 Potter's Clay for making balanced eye lids on your taxidermy work. Simply load tube with clay and press plunger to create a uniform roll of clay. Comes with 19 different tips for various applications.