Taxidermy Tools

  • Pedestal Adapter for S-905 Versa-Flex Mounting Stand

  • Versa-Flex 360 Mounting Stand Stand comes with either a custom tailored C-clamp for easy moveability or a fixed triangle mounting plate for horizontal or vertical mounting. A 2 1/2" rectangular six hole bracket is included. 12" base

  • Horn Plate Screws - 3" long - One dozen Heavy-duty Phillips head screws for using on those thick, heavy antlers to attach to the head block of the mannikin. When the light duty drywall screws aren't enough, put these screws to work and you'll be pleased.

  • This tool will hold skin firmly as you slide it into postition.

  • Denim Apron A rugged apron great for wearing when doing taxidermy work. Durable, long-wearing, cool and comfortable. Fits men and women. Guard your body against knife slips.

  • Small Chain Hooks Perfect for holding birds or small mammals during the skinning process. Allows you to maintain use of both your hands. Three sharp hooks attached to a single mounting loop that can be hung from your mounting stand. 6 inches long.

  • Bird Skin Defatting Tool - Unequalled tool for removing fatty tissue around tail shafts, primaries and scapular groups.

  • Lip Slot Saw Make the perfect size lip slot. Small, controllable and easy to use.

  • Plastic 60" Measuring Tape Five foot long, professional style, easy to read and washable.

  • Lip Tucking Tool Ultra smooth metal with a comfortable handle grip. This tool makes precise tucking of lip lines and lacrimal glands a cinch.

  • Sticky-Back Measuring Tape Stick this tape to the edge of your workbench for hands free, easy to use tape measuring. Has both inches and millimeters. Tape in 4 feet long, may be trimed to fit.

  • 5" Tweezers are great for adjusting head skin on birds or any delicate work. Top of the line item and a handy item for every shop.

  • 4 1/2" Tweezers are great for adjusting head skin on birds or any delicate work. Top of the line item and a handy item for every shop.

  • Antler and Horn Conditioner Contains no wax, pigment or dye and is not just a surfacing agent. This paste penetrates through outer surface and truely conditions antlers and horns. Unique properties clean, condition and enhance visual color while leaving a natural feel to the surface. Enriches but will not discolor.

  • Super Scratcher This 3-in-1 tool scratches foam mannikins so adhesives will adhere to them. Removes wax and etches surface in one easy operation.

  • Decorative Braid - Brown - 1/2" Wide Use for horn mounts. This makes for a great finishing touch and is sure to please your toughest customer.

  • The finest ear openers available. Reverse opening pliers to detach cartilage from the back side of the ear skin. Great for those long deep ears that are most difficult to turn by hand. Cast from high grade aluminum, so they won't ever rust. Now available in two sizes! Use the large for big game. Use the small for smaller animals or take it with you in your pack.

  • 3/8" staples for the P-35 Staple Pliers. 5,000 per box.

  • 1/4" staples for the P-35 Staple Pliers. 5,000 per box.

  • P-35 Staple Pliers For easy placement of staples in hard to reach areas such as ears, wings, tails etc., without damage to the specimen.